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Magnetic Messaging Review Get The Facts About Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging Review Get The Facts About Magnetic Messaging


With Magnetic Messaging, you'll learn how to send text messages to a woman that will engage, connect with, and turn them on, so that they will be interested and attracted to you, and will want to meet up with you. This texting method will allow you to quickly get dates with girls you just met and will even help you get girls that you have not contacted in ages or have lost interest in you to go on dates with you! !


Since I already purchased a copy, I've already gone through with this Magnetic Messaging eBook and I will now give you a peek of its contents. First, I'll like to show you what this Course is about so that you will have an idea of what you'll be learning. Basically you'll learn step-by-step how to use text messages to engage, interact and connect with women to get them interested in you and attracted to you. In the eBook, you'll discover the 3 ingredients that are essential to attractive texting. You'll learn about them in detail, find out why they are important when texting girls, and learn how to use them when sending text messages to girls you're interested in. OK, in this eBook, your relationship with a girl you're interested in is divided into 3 phases and how you text the girl in each phase is different, and you'll learn about the things to do in each phase in detail So, in the "you want to date her" phase, you'll learn what to do after you've gotten a girl's number and what are the rules to follow in this phase. For example, you'll learn when to send the first text and what to say in it, so that you can spark her emotions and get her interested to meet you In the "you are sort of dating her" phase, you need to focus on making connections with the girl. So, you'll learn about the new rules to follow for this phase. You'll also learn stuff like how to keep the girl interested in you after the first date and get her to go on a second date with you. Finally, there's the "you're dating her" phase and in this section, you'll learn how to create a relationship with the girl. So, you'll learn techniques on how to use the phone to keep things fun and maintain the spark in your relationship.


There's also a chapter on common questions and mistakes, which is really useful as you can then get answers to some questions you may have and also find out about the common mistakes so that you can avoid making them. OK, I'll let you explore the rest of the eBook on your own. So, if you're interested in learning how to use your phone and text messages to help you in dating girls, you should check out Magnetic Messaging.

Magnetic Messaging Guarantee

Magnetic Messaging is covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you're not completely satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund. You can visit the official website for more details and then decide if this product is suitable for you. I wish you all the best in dating girls!


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Self Hypnotic And Meditation Techniques Inducing The Hypnotic State

Self Hypnotic And Meditation Techniques Inducing The Hypnotic State


IN BOTH MEDITATION AND SELF-HYPNOSIS THE DESIRABLE STATE OF MIND IS ALMOST THE SAME, although what we are going to do with it (the state of mind) is in fact what distinguishes if the act should be called SELF-HYPNOSIS or MEDITATION. So if you are familiar with any technique that works fine with you keep it. If, on the other hand, you are new to these states or you are not satisfied with the techniques you know, it is possible to find here some useful information.

There are in fact too many ways to achieve the relaxed state of mind desired for self-hypnosis and meditation, and numberless variations of them. The HATHA YOGA's BALANCING BREATHING EXERCISE given to this site is one of them.

A priest Meditating in a Zen environment


Use this technique for five to ten minutes (approximately 15 to 30 full breaths), to achieve a nice relaxed state of mind and body.

Another simple way, mostly used for self-hypnosis rather than meditation, but as stated before, you can use it for both cases, is counting down. Start from a number as high as you need. If you are new, a wise choice would be a number as big as 50 or even 100, then slowly, countdown until the number 1. As you are getting more and more familiar with the hypnotic state of mind, you will be needing smaller numbers, and eventually counting down from 3 to 1 will be sufficient.

A third very common way is the BODY RELAXATION TECHNIQUE. Simply close your eyes and focus your attention to your feet, and feel them getting relaxed. Then go on to your ankles and so until you end to your head and mind. SILVA MIND CONTROL's students may use the exact opposite way, starting from the head and going down to their toes. It is a good technique, but I find that starting with your feet and going on to your head makes it easier to achieve the desired state.

If you have any questions about these techniques please do ask your question here. If, in the rare occasion, you cannot induce a self-hypnotic state through any of these techniques please contact me via e-mail with your problems and what kind of techniques you have tried, so that we will find a technique that will work well with you.


Magical Recipes Online

Discover, Play, Love!


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California Divorce And Finances Why You Should Trust But Verify

California Divorce And Finances Why You Should Trust But Verify


Tim: We have clients come in through here, I think a good percentage of them have a pretty good idea of what the finances are.

I think much as far as I say husband made income like you're kind of referring to.

We had seen about probably if I had to guess probably 50-50 of people who know what the FINANCES are and some they are just clueless what had been you've experienced.

I mean you've written a book that we're going to talk about here shortly.

Do you have any information on that like what you've seen people are aware, they're not aware, they're clueless, what have you seen in here?

Patti: You know it's interesting even outside of divorce I think more times than not money is one of those topics that are it's, I don't want to say taboo but it's uncomfortable for most.

And again whether you're going through divorce or not it's, there's a lot of people that are uncomfortable with the process.

And I think to answer your question the majority of people that I see who aren't the money managers, who aren't the people who pay the bills and take care of the investments they are somewhat clueless.

They don't know where the assets are you know if the husband has a 401K and what, where is it, and how much is in it.

Other mutual funds, other investments, other stocks, checking and savings accounts that probably have a pretty good handled, where there's any outside investments they don't really know where they're at and who to call.

If they would have called you know Vanguard or [inaudible 0:01:34] or Charles Robert or whoever.

Tim: Yeah.

Patti: You know here is my account number. What do I have in there? So I'm seeing more times than that many people not knowing.

Tim: Not knowing.

Patti: The spouse who doesn't know the money managing they don't know.

Tim: Yeah.

Patti: They just trusted their spouse to take care of their money. And they just dealt with the kids or a lot of times the woman is the money manager.

And the husbands are working. And that was the case in my marriage.

I was the person who dealt with the money. I manage everything. My husband is out working and I have a job as well but he was the one that just let me do well.

He said you know money you do it.

Tim: You know it's funny here's that trust factor we have you know. Say we have a wife in here filing for divorce and I say shame on me I should have read more attuned or I should have paid attention and I usually will tell them, you know now you're saying that it's too bad in life that has to be something you have to be concerned about.

You should be able to have a MARRIAGE and not be worried about these things. It's not until this type of thing happened there.

Patti: No.

Tim: It becomes a real issue. And you know the other thing I think the courts got something right in that you know where parties aren't informed of the finances.

You know when going through divorce you have to do what's called your preliminary declaration for disclosures to list all your assets and debts.

This is so both parties become aware of what the assets and debts so there can be an even distribution of the property so -

Patti: And you're right and the whole trust aspect going through a marriage and you don't go into the thinking that you're going to get divorce and I want you to watch out what you're doing.

And you know you're in love and you're going to spend the rest of your life together and this stuff is never you know expected.

Tim: Yeah.

Patti: And just it's just smart and again whether you're ever going to divorce or not you should know your money.

I mean if your husband gets off to work and he gets killed in a car accident-

Tim: Yeah.

Patti: You still need to know what's, you know what things are happening financially.

Tim: Yeah. Okay.

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4 Ways To Promote Yourself To Success

4 Ways To Promote Yourself To Success
So many people believe that once they come up with a great idea, the level of greatness in this idea will carry them to success. An idea alone is worth nothing. It's the execution and implementation of this idea that is worth everything.



Having spent over 10 years in the corporate world, earlier on in my career I learned a valuable lesson. Despite my performance and my teams performance, I found myself being overlooked for promotions. I soon realised something that most people who work in the corporate world work out at some point; that the way people perceive you is more crucial to your career success than your talent.

How many people have you seen receiving promotions that are less qualified, and less talented than you?

The concept that Perception is more important than the idea is not just limited to the Corporate World.


Your idea is just the start. Your success in determined by your ability to promote your idea and yourself to other your customers, to investors and to business partners. Tip: Start with promoting someone else first. Learn the art of promotion using someone else's idea/product/service first, to develop your promotion 'muscle' so that when you 'flex that muscle' in your own business, you'll get immediate results.


Many studies have shown that interpersonal skills are far more important for success than technical skills. Successful people need to well-developed Communication skills, Leadership skills, Coaching skills, Networking skills and an ability to work in groups and teams.

Tip: Start with understanding how you communicate with yourself, how you lead yourself and your family, and how you coach people in your current role/position. You cannot help others, until you have helped yourself!


With the proliferation of Social Networks, remember that anything you do in your personal life can affect the perception that people have of you and therefore can also affect your success. You should focus on managing your online presence, in a way that supports your success, as opposed to stifles it. How you behave online, and the people and things you associate with, can negatively or positive impact your brand and how people perceive you. Tip: Take the time to sanitise your accounts on Social Networks, and ask yourself "What would my ideal customer think about this post/image?" If it doesn't add value to your mission and purpose, remove/delete/hide it.

With the internet and social networks, things you do in your personal life can affect your success in a big way. Manage your whole image, rather than ignore it. Even the smallest things, like how you behave, your online presence -- or lack of it -- and whom you associate with can help build your brand or tear it down.


The ongoing challenge for many people is how to increase their visibility and profile, demonstrating value in their offering, without coming across as shameless self-promotion. Acknowledge your own personal successes and remember to celebrate both your business and team successes also.


Make a commitment to yourself to keep your progress moving forward, by focusing on completing one task, each day that will promote what you do, or develop a new skill. By making this commitment and creating a habit in doing this, you will feel like you are making more progress, adding to your confidence and sense of fulfillment, whilst also increasing your ability to promote what you do with more effectiveness.


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Anastasiadate Further Strengthens Its Anti Scam And Ladies Verification Measures

Anastasiadate Further Strengthens Its Anti Scam And Ladies Verification Measures
Internationally-acclaimed dating website, AnastasiaDate, announces more stringent anti-scam measures to protect the interests of its members.

AnastasiaDate, the dating website that is rocking the lives of men across the globe with its unique online dating features, has always been committed to protecting its members' interests. The international dating portal has recently updated its anti-scam policy to create a more safe and secure dating environment for members.

"AnastasiaDate has millions of people who visit our website annually, which makes it imperative for us to provide robust and failsafe security measures to all of them," says the Chief Communications Officer of AnastasiaDate, Lawrence Cervantes. "We are spending millions of dollars in upgrading our anti-scam measures to identify and remove those with vested interests and who are even remotely associated with dating scams online. We have zero tolerance for online dating scams and will never compromise on protecting the identity and interests of our valued clients."

Men from across the globe trust AnastasiaDate implicitly because they are aware of the commitment of the company in providing them absolutely safe and secure dating environs. The site even has a stringent process of verification of all ladies registering on its website.

Each and every lady is individually contacted and a series of steps are taken to verify their identity and confirm that the profile information provided is absolutely accurate. The management also makes sure the ladies understand that they are now a part of the globally-appreciated and recognized Anastasia system. The verification process is foolproof and leaves no scope for error.

Customers are issued a detailed list of do's and don'ts while engaging with ladies on the website to make sure they have a great time without falling victim to dating scams that are a frequent feature on some other dating sites. They keep a tab on the working of the updated anti-scam features to ensure that the services are not compromised in any way. The anti-scam measures are an effort of their in-house team and remain in total control of the management at all times.

Members feel assured when they are dating online on AnastasiaDate because they know they are dealing with a website that guarantees complete privacy and safety of their personal and confidential data.


AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating website that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship online with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has over 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors annually. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction, and the ongoing pursuit of innovation. With offices in Moscow and New York, AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including Video Chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.Media Contact

COMPANY NAME: Anastasia Date

CONTACT PERSON: Lawrence Cervantes

EMAIL:Send Email

PHONE: +1 (800) 356-3130

COUNTRY: United States



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New Materials 81310 81910

New Materials 81310 81910
" Title " Author Prefix / Call Number " Joomla! start to finish " 006.78 KRAMER " Time : the illustrated history of the world's most influential magazine " Angeletti, Norberto 051 NORBERTO " Haunted hotels : a guide to American and Canadian inns and their ghosts " 133.122 MEAD " Islands of genius : the bountiful mind of the autistic, acquired, and sudden savant " Treffert, Darold A. 153.9 TREFFER " I thought I was the crazy one : 201 ways to identify and deal with toxic personalities " Grant, Ruthie O., 1954- 158.2 GRANT " When London was capital of America " Flavell, Julie 305.813 FLAVELL " Chicken soup for the new mom's soul : touching stories about the miracles of motherhood " 306.874 CANFIELD " Give Us Liberty : A Tea Party Manifesto. " Armey, Dick/ Kibbe, Matt. 320 ARMEY " The cheapskate next door : the surprising secrets of Americans living happily below their means " Yeager, Jeff 332.024 YEAGER " More money than God : hedge funds and the making of a new elite " Mallaby, Sebastian 332.64 MALLABY " It's easy being green : a handbook for earth-friendly living " 333.72 TRASK " The new health care system : everything you need to know " Nather, David 344.73 NATHER " The American soldier : U.S. armies in uniform, 1755 to the present / Philip Katcher. " 355.14 KATCHER " Baby, we were meant for each other : in praise of adoption " Simon, Scott 362.734 SIMON " Londonistan " 363.325 PHILLIPS " Priceless : how I went undercover to rescue the world's stolen treasures " Wittman, Robert K. 364.16 WITTMAN " Three cups of tea [sound recording] : one man's mission to promote peace-- one school at a time " Mortenson, Greg 371.82 MORTENSON 11CDS 13.5HRS " The routes of man : how roads are changing the world and the way we live today " Conover, Ted. 388.1 CONOVER " Henny Penny " Chicken Licken. JUV 398.2 GALDONE " The cat in the hat beginner book dictionary " JUV 423 SEUSS " The bumper book of nature " Moss, Stephen, 1960- 508.078 MOSS " It's about time : understanding Einstein's relativity " Mermin, N. David" 530.11 MERMIN " The CR way : using the secrets of calorie restriction for a longer, healthier life " 613.25 MCGLOTHIN " The measure of madness : inside the disturbed and disturbing criminal mind " Paradis, Cheryl. 614.15 PARADIS " Radical homemakers : reclaiming domesticity from a consumer culture " 640 HAYES " Operation beautiful : transforming yourself one post-it note at a time " Boyle, Caitlin 646.7 BOYLE " Wrestling rhinos : conquering conflict in the wilds of work " 650.13 SHALER " The complete drawing course " 741.2 SIMPSON " The Simpsons handbook : secret tips from the pros " 741.5973 GROENING " Drawing lab for mixed-media artists : 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun " 745.5 SONHEIM " The Ultimate Practical Book of Stenciling. " 745.73 GANDERTON " Texture techniques for winning watercolors " 751.42 HENDERSHOT " Painting weathered buildings in pen, ink & watercolor " 751.42 NICE " Watercolor : planning & painting " 751.42 OLIVER " Painting watercolor portraits " 751.42 STINE " A Charlie Brown Christmas : the making of a tradition " 791.45 SCHULZ " Match wits with Mensa : the complete quiz book " 793.73 GROSSWIRTH " Blood, sweat and chalk : the ultimate football playbook : how the great coaches built today's game " "Layden, Tim." 796.332 LAYDEN " Bass strategies " 799.17 BASS STRATEGIES " Listen to the echoes : the Ray Bradbury interviews " Weller, Sam 813.54 WELLER " In rough country : essays and reviews " Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- 814.54 OATES " Be ready when the sh*t goes down : a survival guide to the apocalypse " Griffin, Forrest 817.6 GRIFFIN " Twilight at the world of tomorrow : genius, madness, murder, and the 1939 World's Fair on the brink of war " Mauro, James 907.4 MAURO " The timechart history of the world : 6000 years of world history unfolded. " REF 909 THIRD MILLENIUM " Finders keepers : a tale of archaeological plunder and obsession " Childs, Craig, 1967- 930.1 CHILDS " Ancient Rome " JUV 937 SIMPSON " The land of blood and honey : the rise of modern Israel " Van Creeld, Martin, 1946- 956.940 VANCREV " Seven events that made America, America : and proved that the founding fathers were right all along " Schweikart, Larry 973 SCHWEIK " Spartacus road : a journey though ancient Italy " Stothard, Peter 973 STOTHARD " Elephant : " BB GALVIN " Giraffe : " BB GALVIN " Lion : " BB GALVIN " Carry me ABC " BB GORDON " Sam loves kisses " BB GOT " Sam's little sister " BB GOT " Zebra : " BB GREY " Wind or rain? " Lewis, Anthony, 1966- BB LEWIS " My first animal board book. " BB MY FIRST ANIMAL " My first farm board book " BB MY FIRST FARM " Leopard : " BB NUSSBAUM " The tale of Benjamin Bunny " BB POTTER " The tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck " BB POTTER " The tale of Peter Rabbit " BB POTTER " Confessions of a prairie bitch : how I survived Nellie Oleson and learned to love being hated " Arngrim, Alison BIO ARNGRIM ARNGRIM " Between a heart and a rock place : a memoir " Benatar, Pat BIO BENATAR BENATAR " Composed : a memoir " Cash, Rosanne BIO CASH CASH " Portrait of an addict as a young man : a memoir " Clegg, Bill BIO CLEGG CLEGG " Hitch-22 : a memoir " Hitchens, Christopher BIO HITCHENS HITCHENS " Put on your crown [sound recording] : life-changing moments on the path to queendom " CD BIO LATIFAH LATIFAH 4CDS 4HRS " Home team : coaching the Saints and New Orleans back to life " Payton, Sean BIO PAYTON PAYTON " Furious love : Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the marriage of the century " Kashner, Sam BIO TAYLOR KASHNER " Ten little ducks " Anderson, Airlie E A " The fire cat, " E A " Footprints in the snow " E B " Scooby-Doo : the catnapped caper " E B " Vicky the Vet " E B " Sam the Chef " E B " Camp Big Paw " E C " The big balloon race " E C " Hooray for me! " E C " Hattie be quiet, Hattie be good" E G " Hattie, Tom, and the chicken witch : a play and a story " E G " Hurray for Hattie Rabbit : story and pictures " E G " Arthur's camp-out " E H " Captain Cat : story and pictures " E H " Questions : poems " E H " Silly Tilly and the Easter Bunny " E H " Santa's moose " E H " Porcupine's pajama party " E H " Buzby to the rescue " E H " Arthur's funny money " E H " Arthur's honey bear. " E H " I am the Music Man [sound recording] " Potter, Debra, ill. KIT E I " Two silly trolls " E J " Bears " E K " The happy egg " E K " Little Chick's big day " E K " Little Chick's friend, Duckling " E K " Curious George cleans up " E K " Stan the hot dog man " E K " Frida's office day " E L " Tillie and Mert " E L " The bear next door " E L " Mouse tales. " E L " Mr. Sniff and the motel mystery " E L " Buster loves buttons! " E M " Curious George takes a trip " E M " No fighting, no biting! " E M " The grandma mix-up : story and pictures " E M " Grandmas at the lake : stories and pictures " E M " Meet Big Foot " E N " Eek! Stories to make you shriek " E O " Curious George : the dog show " E P " Curious George and the kite " E P " Curious George roller coaster " E P " Me I am! " E P " Henry and Mudge and the tall tree house : the twenty-first book of their adventures " E R " If you want to see a caribou " E R " Bingo, the best dog in the world " E S " Hello, hello! " E S " Ladybug Girl at the beach " Soman, David. E S " Born to read " E S " There was an old lady who swallowed a fly [sound recording] " Adams, Pam KIT E T " This old man [sound recording] " Adams, Pam KIT E T " Twinkle, twinkle, little star [sound recording] " Taylor, Jane, 1783-1824 KIT E T " Ghost school " E W " Scooby Doo: Search for Scooby snacks " E W " Wheels on the bus [sound recording] " Kubler, Annie, 1960- KIT E W " Stormy night " E W " I am a tyrannosaurus " E W " Curious George plants a seed " E Z " Ten things I hate about me " Abdel-Fattah, Randa YA FIC ABDEL FATTAH " The particular sadness of lemon cake : a novel " "Bender, Aimee" FIC BENDER " Swim the fly " Calame, Don YA FIC CALAME " The truth about Delilah Blue : a novel " FIC COHEN " Waiting for you " Colasanti, Susane YA FIC COLASAN " The Hunger Games #3 " Collins, Suzanne YA FIC COLLINS " Date night [videorecording] " Date night (Motion picture) DVD FIC DATE NIGHT " The stuff that never happened : a novel " Dawson, Maddie FIC DAWSON " Girl stays in the picture " De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- YAFIC DELACRUZ " The Van Alen legacy : a Blue Bloods novel " De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- YA FIC DELACRUZ " Little brother " "Doctorow, Cory" YA FIC DOCTORO " Imperial bedrooms " Ellis, Bret Easton FIC ELLIS " Change-up : mystery at the World Series " Feinstein, John YA FIC FEINSTE " A kiss in time " Flinn, Alex YA FIC FLINN " Geektastic : stories from the nerd herd " Black, Holly YAFIC GEEKTAS " Evergreen " Golden, Bruce, 1952- SF FIC GOLDEN " The summer I turned pretty " Han, Jenny YA FIC HAN " Running scared " FIC JACKSON " Letters to God [videorecording (videodisc)] " Waite, Ralph, 1928- DVD FIC LETTERS TO GOD " Orchard Valley brides " Macomber, Debbie FIC MACOMBER " One lonely degree " Martin, C. K. Kelly YA FIC MARTIN " Love finds you in Sugarcreek, Ohio " "Miller, Serena B." FIC MILLER Peace, love, and baby ducks Myracle, Lauren, 1969- YA FIC MYRACLE " Twenty boy summer " Ockler, Sarah YA FIC OCKLER " The postcard killers " Patterson, James MYS FIC PATTERS " Wings " Pike, Aprilynne YA FIC PIKE " Mr. Peanut " Ross, Adam, 1967- FIC ROSS " The school for dangerous girls " Schrefer, Eliot, 1978- YA FIC SCHREFE " Heartless " Shepard, Sara, 1977- YA FIC SHEPARD " Charlie St. Cloud : a novel " "Sherwood, Ben" FIC SHERWOOD " Book of shadows " FIC SOKOLOFF " Shiver " Stiefvater, Maggie, 1981- YA FIC STIEFVA " The wolves of Fairmount Park " Tafoya, Dennis FIC TAFOYA " The Jonees [videorecording] " Joneses (Motion picture) DVD FIC THE JONESES " The blind faith hotel " Todd, Pamela YA FIC TODD " Me, the missing, and the dead " Valentine, Jenny YA FIC VALENTI " Mission of honor " Weber, David, 1952- SF FIC WEBER " The uninvited " Wynne-Jones, Tim. 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Dont Be Caught Frozen In The Headlights When Something Threatens Your Relationship Or Marriage

My beloved workshop was once hit by a flash flood, and while I was outside building dams and watersheds behind it to divert the flash flood current in the middle of a deluge of rain, something struck me that every man should know, especially when things aren't working right in his relationship or marriage.I live at the mouth of a somewhat shallow sort of box canyon, elevated above the normal flood plain, but in the perfect spot for the run-off from two ridges and a hillside tor run past my house and into a large creek that continues down the hill. The rain started coming down very hard that day, on the heels of a solid week of rain that had already saturated the ground to the point that we already had standing water, and I looked out a window and saw the largest stream of water I've seen since I've lived here running from behind my workshop and across about an acre of my lawn. Curiosity and concern aroused, I donned rain gear and went out to inspect, and it was a very good thing that I did so, and not a minute too soon.The rain was increasing, and the run-off had started a flash flood coming down the hills and converging just behind my workshop, and it was slamming into the back of it so hard that the water was shooting under the walls and washing across the concrete floor of the shop. Luckily, all of my equipment is on wheels or mobile bases, so none of the cast iron parts of my table saw, jointer, planer, drill press, lathe, etc., got wet, but there was some exotic wood and a few cardboard boxes with new tools and materials in them getting wet and the feet of my solid beech workbench were sitting in an inch of water.I quickly got those things out of harm's way and went out back to address the on-coming flood, which now literally resembled rapids in a large creek. There was a pile of broken concrete where I had repoured part of the driveway and several large ricks of firewood, so I grabbed a shovel and mattock to dig trenches through some high spots that were allowing water to pool near my workshop and then started throwing up dams of concrete chunks, firewood, and spare roofing shingles to divert the water around the workshop to keep it from driving into and under the walls.While all of this was going on, I was reminded of an old naval comedy called "Down Periscope" (you can see the description and reviews at IMDB's website at, in which there was a scene where the submarine they're on is leaking and flooding and everybody is scrambling, and at the end, one of the crew, who had almost drowned trying to stop a gushing leak any fire hydrant would be proud to produce, brushes the water out of his hair and says, "Now that was FUN!" And it hit me...I grew up on a farm, and when something bad happened, there was neither time nor tolerance for throwing up one's hands and saying, "Oh no! What are we going to do?" or to simply do nothing and hope that the problem fixed itself. Problems that affected the farm equipment, or especially the crops, could mean the difference between eating and going hungry. So when a problem came up, we were like the guys on that submarine. Everybody pounced on the problem, handling what they were best-suited to do first, getting the most critical elements handled first, and continuing, quickly and rationally, until it was fixed and the crisis was resolved.That's how a man must handle ALL problems if he is to respect himself and be respected. It's the only way that he can head off trouble before it gets too big, and the only way he can handle trouble that is too big and moving too fast to head off while it's small. It's the only way that his wife will trust his judgment and leadership, which must happen if she is going to be happy in the marriage, want to play and have fun with the man, feel like engaging in an active sex life, etc.So if things around the house, at work, or especially in your marriage are anywhere from slowly deteriorating to being in full-scale crisis, don't be some scared wuss frozen in the headlights of an on-coming disaster while your life and everything you hold dear washes past your feet. Take action. The self-respect you gain from handling things will boost your confidence, and thereby your attractiveness, and as your self-confidence and self-respect grow, your wife will be drawn inescapably closer to you as primal instinct overwhelms her with the feelings that she can trust you and that she has married well.It sounds like a tall order, but it's really not. If you look back at your life, the hardest part of every crisis or major project you've ever faced has most l likely been the decision to act, not the action itself. Once the decision is made, everything else is just follow-through. And if you take off in the wrong direction, you can make course corrections, whereas standing still and doing nothing will do nothing more than guarantee that whatever problem you're facing will get worse until either you do something about it or it runs over you.If it's your relationship or marriage that is slowing down, hiccupping, or coming apart at the seams, that is the LAST problem you could expect to fix itself; relationship and marriage problems always get worse without attention. They fester like a boil, and finally erupt in a smelly, painful mess of pus and blood. And it doesn't have to go down that way, even if the marriage was one of those that never should have happened in the first place. The worst marriages in the world can be dissolved peacefully and with dignity if you know that it must be ended and know what to do to end it properly.There's tested and proven help for you in my book, "THE Man's Guide to Great Relationships and Marriage," and it's about a mouse-click away at It started with the stated needs and desires of 188 women, and was then tested and refined through the use and feedback of 118 couples, and has been continuously refined with the experience of thousands since; indeed, I'm about to release another, much larger update now, and it has always been and will continue to be my policy to provide free updates (and to replace lost copies) to anyone who has purchased in the past (as long as one of us can find some record of their purchase, even if it's just an old credit card statement with my company name and the right price on it). It's working for everyone who uses it, and I have the testimonials to prove it. Think not? This one came the day I first posted this lesson:David,Nearly four years ago I purchased your book when it was still titled "How To Be Attractive To The Woman You Love." I consider it among my personal list of top five most influential and helpful books (a list that includes the Bible). Your book is a short read loaded with invaluable tools for MEN. You not only help understand the advanced intuitive female mind and its machinations but also help each one of us "man up." It's when I've drifted from your lessons that old habits or new complications have entered my life.I was in a long-term relationship that recently ended. Part of it I attribute to finding myself unemployed and dealing with the ongoing distractions that presents. The other, deeper problem was the inability to completely connect with the person I loved even after years of being together. I believe the end came about because of a lack of intimacy. Outwardly, she seemed easily offended or embarrassed by matters relating to sex, yet I realized too late that she longed for ongoing sexual intimacy. As men, I think we tend to focus on sex from the physical aspects and easily lose sight of the emotional reinforcement it brings for women we love.I'm now trying - too late for my last love - to refresh that awareness into my personal spirit of manhood. That has brought me back to a new diligence in following your manly wisdom. Your ongoing newsletter is the best at providing daily jewels of information on how to be a man, a loving man in a relationship. You have done your part. I must do mine with constant vigilance. I honor you for your dedication and the insights you share. You are a great guide to the mysterious path of womanhood. Thanks for lighting the way.LYou see? Even when unusual stress takes a man out of character, he comes back and regains his manhood, his life, and a great relationship or marriage, whether he has it or finds one. And this guy is a well-read corporate type who is into self-help texts, and he's listing this on among his "top five most influential and helpful books." I wonder what he would have said if he had been able to join our forum,, and been able to share his questions and experiences with others as today's members do.Today is a perfect example; two men are having intimacy problems with their wives, I'm answering their questions and the women are jumping in to reinforce what I tell them and then elaborate on things I didn't mention. We've spent our lives wishing women would tell us when they had a problem with something we did instead of telling everyone they know BUT us, and here they are, laying it out in detail to help us get it.So it's time for you to get moving to and start making things better right now. Or you could just keep right on standing there, the deer caught in the headlights, while everything you hold dear (and own!) goes right down the tubes in a flood of emotion, frustration, and confusion, except of course for the part that goes to line the lawyers' pockets or to keep the wife's boredom from killing you both. It's your choice, so make it a good one.In the meantime, live well, be well, and have a wonderful day!David Cunningham "Being a man is something to which one should aspire, not something for which he should apologize." --David Cunningham